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EDIS traffic pool - Global and Premium traffic zone

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Tired of upgrading your KVM tier for more traffic? EDIS Has the Solution!

Here at EDIS, we know that running out of traffic can be a real pain. That's why we're excited to announce our new traffic pool feature! With a traffic pool, you can "hydrate" your VPS with traffic from the pool, before it is running dry.

To make it easy for you, we created two traffic zones rather than having a variety of different traffic-prices for our over 40 locations.

The Global Traffic Zone is the standard traffic zone for all EDIS locations, and it sets the base price point. The Premium Traffic Zone applies to places where bandwidth is more expensive: UAE/Dubai, Australia, Chile and Colombia. Keep reading to learn more about our new traffic pool feature.

Why You'll Love Your Traffic Pool

  • You are in complete control of the process of allocating and managing traffic.
  • Independence from support team.
  • No more valuable time wasted.
  • Maintain optimal functioning for your services.
  • Take advantage of lowest price traffic rates (starting from EUR 6 /TB)
  • Traffic in the pool never expires.
  • Manually assign traffic to any KVM in your account which is running low on traffic.
  • "Automatic hydration" functionality will be launched in early 2023.

How Your Traffic Pool Works

  1. To get started with our new traffic pool feature, simply top-up through the cart.
  2. Once the payment has gone through, traffic will be added to your pool and your balance will be displayed on every KVMs management page, in the new "Traffic Information" window. You'll also find information about which traffic zone your VPS runs in. This is particularly important to understand, because traffic in the Premium traffic zone is more expensive.
  3. Use "Hydrate KVM from pool" buttons to assign pool-traffic to your KVM plan in +100GB, +500G, or +1TB increments.
Adding traffic to a KVM in the Global traffic zone withdraws exactly the same amount of traffic from the pool. Adding traffic to a KVM located in the Premium traffic zone, withdraws 2x the amount you add to your KVM.

Log in to your EDIS account today and get started with our new traffic pool feature!

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