FTP-Settings, Firewall Ports, active/passive mode (PASV), and Encryption (EOL)

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This article only applies to Smart, Starter, Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Platinum hosting plans.

To establish a connection between your FTP client and the EDIS FTP server, please use the following settings:

Hostname: ftp.edis.at
Standard-Port: 21
Login: Username and password

Please ensure that ports 20 and 21 TCP are open if you are using a firewall on your network or have one enabled on your desktop computer. This is necessary in order to use FTP in active mode. The EDIS FTP server will establish an incoming connection to port 20 of your FTP client in active mode.

If you have no control over firewall settings, please use passive mode (PASV). This sets up your FTP client to make connections on port 21 and get responses on high ports that are not filtered. For these to work, the high ports need to be open for the range 57000-65534. If you're having trouble connecting, check with your IT support or network administrator to see if these ports are being blocked.

In order to use sFTP, you will need a web hosting plan that has an active SSH connection (available from Ristretto and up).

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