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What if the assigned IP address cannot be reached from my country?

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You ordered a new VPS, just received login credentials and figured out that your server's IP address does not seem to be reachable from your country.

Some countries (Turkmenistan, China, Iran, Vietnam, Russia, ...) detect and block VPN after 1 or 2 hours of usage. Use "stealth mode" (openvpn + stunnel)
or consider using v2ray (ideally over an nginx reverse proxy)

You can test whether your IP address can be reached from other countries. We recommend the KeyCDN pingtool for this particular purpose.

If the IP address assigned to your server can not be reached from your ISP/network/country, EDIS offers the possibility of an IP address swap.

One-time IP address change

With EDIS, you have the option of changing your IP address once, within 24 hours of purchasing your VPS . To have your IP address changed, use the small grey "recycle" symbol that appears next to your IP address in the administration panel. Please note that this icon will only be displayed within 24 hours from delivery.


EDIS' goal is to assign an IPv4 address from another /24 IPv4 prefix. Depending on the availability, we might only be able to assign an IPv4 address from the same /24 range. IPv4 assignments are random.P lease note that it is not possible to go back to the IPv4 address which was assigned to you prior to an IP-address change.

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