BTC payment has arrived after the payment window

Gerhard Kleewein Updated by Gerhard Kleewein

You paid your EDIS proforma invoice with BTC and Coinbase states that

Your BTC payment has arrived after the payment window.

​This means that your payment was received by Coinbase. Nevertheless, it was not reported to EDIS, because the payment arrived outside of the reserved time window for this particular payment (and the exchange rate could have changed significantly during this timeframe). Coinbase monitors payments to the blockchain address for 60 minutes and marks payments "delayed" if they arrive after these 60 minutes.

Please get in touch with EDIS support and provide your Coinbase order code (example: 2ELGRYWQ) if it is available to you, or the number of the pro-forma invoice you attempted to pay, including the exact time and day when the payment was made. EDIS will try to resolve the transaction for you and assign the payment to your invoice manually.

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