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How to change DNS name servers

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To modify the nameservers for a domain registered with EDIS, first, a Nameserver Group must be created that is subsequently assigned to the domain.

Creating a NameServer Group

  1. Log in to the client dashboard at
  2. Click Domain-> Nameserver-Groups-> Nameserver
    1. Create a Nameserver Group (this is a template that contains the nameservers).
    2. Please indicate up to four nameservers (hostnames). The IP addresses field will be populated automatically.
      If a hostname is invalid, the name server group cannot be created.

After creating the nameserver group, you now need to assign it to your domain name.

Assigning the Nameserver-Group to a Domain

  1. Click Nameserver in the left navigation
    1. Select domain name from the dropdown menu
    2. Select the Nameserver-Group from the second dropdown menu
    3. Confirm your selection
DNS changes are submitted to the responsible registration authority immediately. The name servers will be visible in the WHOIS database within a few minutes. However, it may take a couple of hours for the change to become effective (root-nameserver reload times).

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