Traffic usage, traffic stats, monthly refill

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In your KVM dashboard (pick any VPS under services menu). Get an overview in the Traffic Information window.

You're able to see the amount of traffic each one of your VPS used on any particular day.

We have another diagram, displaying the "Cumulative" amount of traffic since the last refill. VPS traffic counters are reset and refilled once a month (according to your product's specifications, at the product's key date).

There is a small indicator (see the red arrow below) showing how many days to go until the next traffic refill. This could be a helpful indicator to understand if you make it till the next refill, if you should assign traffic from your traffic pool, or upgrade to a higher tier.

The red line represents the total amount of traffic available to this KVM (included traffic and assigned pool traffic).

Hover the mouse over a particular day to get more insights from the readings. Please note that the diagram is rendered exponentially and not linear.

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