Correct email forwarding despite strict SPF checking thanks to SRS

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The primary reason for setting up an SPF record is to prevent SPAM from being sent from a domain name. An SPF record defines which IP addresses shall be allowed to send email for a domain name and how receiving mail servers must treat emails originating from non-permitted IP addresses.

SPF reaches its limits when forwarding external e-mails.

The fundamental problem: The forwarding email server is very likely not authorized to send emails from the sender domain due to the SPF record (forwarding/redirecting is one form of sending emails).

To eliminate this fact, EDIS implemented an (experimental) technology called SRS

SRS rewrites the "envelope sender" and each email is provided with a cryptographic "hash" so that forwarding against the SPF configuration is possible.

Wenn SPF providerseitig nicht korrekt implementiert bzw. nicht durch SRS komplettiert wird, kommt es bei Weiterleitungen zu SPF Fehlern.

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