Applications and use cases that violate our terms of service

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EDIS Virtual Server Terms of Service

If you use any of the following applications or if you engage in any of the following activities, your service will be suspended.

  1. Cardsharing applications, no matter in which mode (OSCam, CCAm, MultiCS, ...)
  2. Trojan horses, botnet executables, dropzones, C&C servers
  3. Bitcoin -or any other crypto mining activities
  4. TOR exit nodes or I2P outproxies (bridge-, entry or middle nodes are OK)
  5. Unsolicited email - SPAM (emails sent without consent, double opt-in and IP proof are required)
  6. Hosting of "Fake Shops" (Nike, Adias, Moncler, ...)
  7. Any content or service deemed illegal in Austria or in the legislation of your service location.

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